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Michael of Rhodes


Life, voyages, and scientific knowledge of Michael of Rhodes, navigator aboard Venetian ships in the 15th century.

Bibliotheca Perspectivae


The Renaissance treatises on perspective

Biblioteca Perspectivae is meant to furnish a “biblioteca” of visual representations to scholars by having collected more than 50 precious and rare works in the period between and including the 15th and 17th centuries.

Federico Cesi. Apiarium and Melissographia


The Apiarium and the Melissographia hold a high position of value within the vast political and cultural program of the Accademia dei Lincei. They also establish a meeting point between the taste of scholars in the first part of the 1600s and the demands for more advanced scientific research methods.
This application is available only in Italian

Court Scientists: The Art of Experimentation in the Galilean Accademia del Cimento (1657-1667)


The art of experimentation in the Galilean Accademia del Cimento (1657-1667).

A Thousand Years of Science in Italy


Chronology of the major historical events of scientific interest in Italy through the course of the last millenium, subdivided by area of discipline (in Italian only).