Historical archive

The library holdings include collections of manuscript resources that are significant both for the history of science in general and for that of Florence in particular. The description of the collections is nearing completion.

The database Archive also includes historical photos.

Collections and documents related to the history of science, stored in other libraries and archives, are also searchable and in most cases offered in digital format. Noteworthy is the Galileian collection of the National central library of Florence and the Galileian documents housed at the State archive of Florence.


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Archive of the Royal Museum of physics and natural history of Florence

The Florence Royal Museum of physics and natural history was founded on the initiative of Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo and was opened to the public in 1775.

Fabbroni collection

The Fabbroni collection commemorates the intense institutional and research activity of Giovanni Fabbroni, first vice director and then, from 1805 to 1807, director of the Florence Royal Museum of physics and natural history.

Congresses of Italian scientists archive

The Congresses of Italian scientists were held every year from 1839 to 1847, when the ninth Congress held in Venice was interrupted by the Austrian police.

1st National exhibition of the history of science archive

The collection includes the archival material related to the 1st National exhibition of the history of science, held in Florence in 1929. Promoted since 1927 and organized in the following two years by the newly founded Institute of the history of science (currently known as Museo Galileo), the Exhibition displayed a significant part of the Italian historical-scientific heritage, highlighting its importance and its diffusion throughout the nation.

Corsini collection

Andrea Corsini was the first director of the Institute of the history of science (now called Museo Galileo) between the years of 1927 to 1961. He played a key role in promoting this branch of history in Italy as well as safeguarding the national scientific heritage.

Rossi collection

In 2012 and in 2017 the Museo Galileo Library received as a donation the personal library - consisting of books and documents - of Paolo Rossi, one of the most distinguished historians of science and philosophy of the postwar period.