Fabbroni collection

The Fabbroni collection commemorates the intense institutional and research activity of Giovanni Fabbroni, first vice director and then, from 1805 to 1807, director of the Florence Royal Museum of physics and natural history.

The collection, loaned by the Region of Tuscany, consists of 34 folders of files and unbound papers, coming from the Pelli-Bencivenni legacy. It includes numerous letters and notes, mainly regarding consultation requested of Fabbroni by the Tuscan court, providing interesting glimpses of the scientific world in the late 18th-early 19th century. The documentation on the Royal Museum, which supplements the Museo Galileo’s vast archive on this institution, is also noteworthy.

The four files of the "Magazzino universale" by Giuseppe Pelli Bencivenni, father-in-law of Giovanni Fabbroni and director of the Royal Gallery of the Uffizi from 1775 to 1793, also arrived annexed to this collection.

The Museo Galileo also possesses the Fabbroni papers, which include documents relevant mainly to the years 1783-1813, the microfilm reproduction of the Fabbroni papers housed at the American philosophical society of Philadelphia and other documents (photographic reproductions and microfilm prints) housed in other Italian and foreign libraries and archives.

All of these materials have been catalogued.


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