Temporary exhibitions

Women of the Sky: From Muses to Scientists
Celestial splendors. Observing the Sky from Galileo to Gravitational Waves
Trajan Column: The Narration of a Symbol
The City of the Sun
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Ancient Clocks of the Ruscitti Collection


The exhibition shows twenty-five precious clocks. Most of them are pocket watches made by prestigious European clockmakers between the late 16th and 19th centuries.

The Senses of the World: Experiences of the Senses of Men and Other Animals


A striking voyage to discover the senses of animals and compare them with human sensory experience.

Out of Catalogue: Newly Acquired and Restored Instruments


Significant instruments acquired by the Museo di Storia della Scienza in the latest years are displayed for the first time ever together with recently restored devices.

Velocipedes and Bicycles


The technological development of two-wheel vehicles – from early 18th-century foot-powered velocipedes to modern bicycles dating from the 1920s and 1930s.

The Starry Messenger and the Polar Star: Scientific Relations between Italy and Sweden from 1500 to 1800


The close relationship between Italian and Swedish scientists from the Renaissance onward.

Renaissance Engineers: From Brunelleschi to Leonardo da Vinci


The machines and technical devices designed by Leonardo da Vinci, Filippo Brunelleschi and the Sienese engineers in the Renaissance.

Alter Ego: Drugs and the Brain


The exhibition gives scientifically correct answers to some crucial questions on drug addiction and drug action upon the central nervous system.

Lorenzo della Volpaia's Planetary Clock


The working model of the planetary clock that Lorenzo della Volpaia designed in 1510, which has been faithfully recreated from his workshop notebooks.

Science or Magic? If I Can Understand It, It's Science - If I Can't, It's Magic


A hands-on exhibition aiming to promote understanding of the scientific principles that regulate everyday life.