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città del soleLa Città del Sole. Arte barocca e pensiero scientifico nella Roma di Urbano VIII
Rome, Palazzo Barberini, November 16, 2023 – February 11, 2024

Curated by Filippo Camerota, with the collaboration of Marcello Fagiolo, the exhibition is organized by Museo Galileo together with Gallerie Nazionali di Arte Antica, Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale in Rome and Centro di Studi sulla Cultura e l’Immagine in Rome.

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The 400th anniversary of the pontificate of Urban VIII (1623-1644) closes with an exhibition dedicated to the partnership between the arts and sciences fostered by Barberini's patronage. Maffeo Barberini's election to the papacy was welcomed by the scientific community as "an admirable conjuncture," an event that promised extraordinary opportunities for the advancement of science. What sparked enthusiasm were the good relations between Maffeo Barberini and the scientists of his era, especially his friendship with Galileo. One of the first scientific publications to honour Urban VIII's election was Galileo's Saggiatore (1623), dedicated to the pontiff by the Academy of the Lincei with the wish that he might favor dialogue on the new astronomical discoveries.
The exhibition unfolds in a creative and stimulating interweaving of the work of the protagonists of Rome's three scientific centers – the Roman Jesuit College, the Academy of the Lincei and the Convento dei Minimi at Trinità dei Monti – and the work of some of the most celebrated artists of Baroque Rome, the "City of the Sun," as it is fair to call it in reference to the Barberini pontificate.

The exhibition has the patronage of the Assessorato alla Cultura of Roma Capitale and the National Committee for the celebrations of the fourth centenary of the election of Pope Urban VIII.

Info: ph. 0039 055 2989851

On the occasion of the exhibition, INAF, Museo Galileo and Sapienza Università di Roma are proposing a series of events from 9 January to 10 February 2024.