Incipit is a cultural and editorial project promoted by the Scuola Normale Superiore in collaboration with eight Italian educational and research institutions, which are among the most important ones: in addition to the Scuola Normale Superiore, the Feltrinelli Foundation in Milan, the Gramsci Foundation in Rome, the National Centre for Renaissance Studies in Florence, the Museo Galileo-Institute and Museum of the History of Science in Florence, the Italian Institute for Historical Studies of Naples, the Fondazione Collegio San Carlo of Modena, and the Aspen Institute Italia.

The volumes are published by Edizioni della Normale.

The collaboration with Incipit includes the following editorial series:

  • Archetipi (essays in both humanistic and scientific fields)
  • Fabrica (critical editions of texts)
  • Bianco e nero (interviews and original contributions on important topics to be found in contemporary cultural debates)
  • Corpuscoli (short essays that have marked the history of culture, re-proposed with a new critical introduction)
  • Untitled (out of series books conveying Incipit values from unexpected perspectives and with original languages)

The above mentioned volumes are those which are directly promoted by Museo Galileo.

  • Fabbri N., Profili di donne sulla Luna. Riflessi di scienza, filosofia e letteratura, 2022, 240 p., ill. (Archetipi; 4)
  • Paolo Galluzzi, Galileo, Rosmini, Darwin. Triumviri del cattolicesimo riformatore, 1870-1918, 2022, 508 p. 23 cm (Archetipi; 3)