The Museo Galileo on the Google Cultural Institute

The collections of Museo Galileo are now available on the Google Cultural Institute alongside with other important institutions. Three virtual exhibits display some of the main items belonging to the Medici and Lorraine Collections, together with videos that help to historically contextualize them.

The gallery of the Medici Collections offers an in-depth look at the major scientific subjects of the 16th and 17th century, from astronomy to time measurement, to Galileo and his Jovilabe -the instrument he used to dermine the periods of Jupiter's moons- up to the experiences of the Accademia del Cimento

The gallery of the Lorraine Collections displays Peter Leopold's Chemistry Cabinet and a significant series of machines for mechanics, hydraulics and electrostatics demonstrations, which were crucial instruments for disseminating science since the 18th century.

The gallery of Museo Galileo's Library shows antique and rare works in the field of the history of science and maps which are usually not on display as well as photographs of great historic value.