Duration: 2011-2014 (four years)
Coordinators: Ecsite, EUSCEA, ERRIN, OCC-UPF
Funding: OPEN PLACES is a project funded by the European Commission, FP7 Capacities


PLACES is a four-year European project establishing and developing the concept of the European City of Scientific Culture.

The project focuses on developing and strengthening City Partnerships, bringing together 69 science centres, museums, festivals and events, each partnering with local authorities. The project facilitates cooperation among these alliances to structure their science communication activities, sharing tools, resources and results. To do this, PLACES establishes a working community that will share activities, resources, ideas and innovations. The operational links stimulated by PLACES will generate much new knowledge, contributing to develop the whole field of science communication, and will impact citizens and policymakers with the social, cultural and scientific added value of scientific culture. Many more actors and stakeholders are encouraged to participate in PLACES during and after the project lifetime. After the four years of the project, a new and wide European community will continue to share and exchange ideas, experiences and information on Science in Society issues.

The work developed in PLACES will provide a wealth of data, good practices and innovative strategies concerning Science in Society issues. Besides the valuable knowledge contributing to the advancement of the science communication field in general, PLACES will produce concrete recommendations for policymakers and the EU regarding the engagement of citizens, local authorities and the key role of science communicators in the development of the Cities of Scientific Culture.

Within the project a Pilot Activity is expected from each city involved aimed to sensitise and attract the institutions and the public. In Florence the Pilot Activity has been carried out in the form of a video contest called "Firenze Fior di Scienza" which gathers all the Florentine institutions that deal with the dissemination of science and history of science.

The City Partnership of Florence is coordinated by Museo Galileo in collaboration with the Municipality of Florence and is open to all the active organizations in the area.