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Volume Natacha FabbriProfili di donne sulla Luna
Launch of the book by Natacha Fabbri (Edizioni della Normale, “Incipit” series, 2022)

Wednesday 7 June, 5:00 p.m.

Paola Govoni (Università di Bologna) and Michela Landi (Università di Firenze) will be talking with the author.

It is a fascinating undertaking to examine who were the first women to “explore” the Moon and the cosmos, especially following the launch of NASA’s Artemis mission, which bears the name of the female goddess associated with the Moon and will land the first woman on the lunar surface.
The book analyses scientific, philosophical and literary works that, from the end of the 16th century to the threshold of the 20th century, have explored the connection between Moon and women, even reaching differing interpretations. In addition to focusing on women writers, philosophers, painters and astronomers who contributed to the definition of a new image of the universe and that of the Moon as "another Earth", the volume outlines the female profiles of the Moon celebrated in scientific treatises, celestial maps and public spaces, as well as on the theatre scene, in figurative art and especially in utopian works and in different models of popular astronomy.

Free admission subject to availability.
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