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[inserire alt immagine]The year 2023 marks the fourth centenary of the publication of Galileo's Saggiatore, which is a fundamental work in the history of modern scientific thought and contains numerous references to music, including the connection of the telescope with some musical instruments.
The four concerts, titled Orbite musicali 2023. Intorno a Galileo (Musical Orbits 2023. Around Galileo), organised in collaboration with the Conservatorio Luigi Cherubini of Florence and inspired by the Saggiatore, will be held every Sunday at 11.00 a.m. at Museo Galileo from May 7 to 28, 2023. Prof. Antonio Galanti and Prof. Luciano Garosi have proposed and prepared a repertoire entirely dedicated to Galileo, his discoveries and his instruments with the students of the Theory, Analysis, Composition and Conducting department.
All the works have been composed for this occasion and will be performed for the first time by the Cherubini Contemporary Music Ensemble (EMC2), directed by Prof. Luciano Garosi.

Cost included in the museum entrance fee.
Reservations recommended at +39 055 265311.

Programme of the concerts