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Coloriamo l'energiaEnergy can take different forms. How was it generated in the past and what was it used for? How did we go from electric charges to Volta's battery to electric current?

Museo Galileo proposes on Sunday 12 December at 11.00 am "Coloriamo l'energia", a laboratory that aims to trace the history of energy from the production of electrical charges thanks to the first electrostatic machines to modern photovoltaic cells.

The event, organized in collaboration with the Institute of Chemistry of OrganoMetallic Compounds (ICCOM) of the National Research Council (CNR), illustrates the different forms of energy and their transformation: using glass electrodes, a pencil and natural dyes extracted from berry juice, we will build a solar cell, i.e. a cell capable of transforming light into electricity.

At the end of the laboratory, it will be possible to admire the original 18th century electrostatic machines.

Sunday 12 December 2021, at 11.00 am

Duration: 90 minutes

Costs: 3 € + museum's entrance fee

Limited seats, reservations recommended: tel. 055 265311; mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.(Mon-Fri 9-17; Sat 9-13).

The event will be held in Italian and is recommended for children over 9. Children must be accompanied by an adult.